Social Media Monitoring Software

Written by Charlotte Reed

Social media monitoring software can be an excellent tool for a business that’s out there seeking to track their competitors and discover new trends through social media. Why and how? Its functionality is all about collecting relevant information across social media networks. Besides, the software can also be used by media people or researchers to get the latest news. The software also can monitor in different languages, thus giving your business the ability to localize their advertisements.

Basically, this software is all about enhancing your social media market and empowering you to reach your audience with an excellent market strategy. Well, let’s discuss some social media monitoring software tools that will come in handy for your company.

  • TweetReach

As the name suggests, this tool enables you to know how far your tweets go. Precisely, this tool weighs the real impact of your social media engagements. Moreover, it also allows you to identify your most influential followers as well as optimizing your targets as you create your content.

  • BuzzSumo

This tool is not only great for content research but also in monitoring your pages on Facebook. On this, you can check your audience metrics and also get to determine which one of your posted content has the best performance. Moreover, this tool also provides you with crucial information like when it is the best time to posts and the most appropriate length as well. Other than that, BuzzSumo comes in handy in assisting you to come up with topnotch appealing content for your Facebook pages.

  • Boardreader

If you are involved in social media marketing, you probably know that messaging boards and forums also count. The Boardreader is an essential social media monitoring software that allows you to access conversations about your brand. In regards to this, Boardreader makes it easy to run a search on various social media platforms to pinpoint what prospects are talking about you using specific terms. Moreover, through this tool, you can engage in particular terms to see the Boardreader content up to two years back.

  • Brand24

Though simple, Brand24 is such resourceful social media marketing software that works for both small and big companies. The function of this tool is to make it possible for companies to view conversations about the brand, products, and those of their competitors as well. Once a company receives feedback on the conversations, they know how to meet their audience’s expectations and also track their competition. Furthermore, this tool allows you to create a remarkable online reputation while also enhancing social sales.

  • Zoho Social

This is yet another social media monitoring tool that helps businesses in tracking down mentions, scheduling posts, and even creating dashboards. The tool comes with several attractive features that include the repeat post, bulk scheduler, and the publishing calendar. These features help in making sure that you have all the tools you need for effective social media posts.


The social media monitoring tools market has become crowded in the current past. With the tools discussed above, you won’t have a problem choosing the most appropriate one for you.

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