Online Project Management Software

Written by Charlotte Reed

Are you running a business? It does not come naturally to do every piece of work that comes your way. Thankfully with the digital technology, you no longer have to sweat your fingernail doing every small task for the business. We are talking about project management software. What is that? We will get to that in a few.

Online project management software is basically a program that comes with a variety of work management solutions. The solutions offered are for both light and heavy management tasks. Do you want to get one to help steer your venture? In this article, I will do a roundup of its benefits, features, and costs of such a program.

Benefits of Online Project Management Software

  • Accurate Budgeting

With the project management software, your company can manage its budget by comparing the estimates with the actual budget. This way, you can to identify the areas you are overspending as well as get a solution.


  • Collaboration Enhancement


For any project to bear fruits, there has to be teamwork and individual initiatives. Such collaboration could be team members from within the company or other outsourced support. On this, the project management software comes in to provide a fluidal connection that leads to a flawless completion of projects.

  • Effective Project Management


Additionally, the software ensures all tasks are completed within set timelines. How is this possible? The software helps in creating specific tasks, assigning them to people, and ensuring that the completion process is tracked down using a dashboard. With such help, you can check on the performance of the various departments/teams with a button click.

Features of an ideal Online Project Management Software

  • File Allocation

The feature allows you to share files like documents and images to the members of the team.

  • Resource Allocation

You can conveniently allocate resources to various departments in your company, which include the workers and physical inventories.

  • Project Management

With this feature, the business can keep track of the progress of projects using the dashboard.

  • Task Allocation

This involves creating particular tasks for departments or individuals as well as enhancing collaborations to bring projects into successful completion.

  • Expense/Time Tracking

This keeps track of all the time and money spend on a particular project and evaluate if it fits in the allocated budget.

  • Communication Management

This aspect ensures that there is seamless communication within the team and the other external partners.


The online project management software is chargeable monthly or a per user basis. Research places cost on the entry-level in three pricing tiers dependent on the terms mentioned earlier. This price range includes; $0-$7, $7-$10 and above $10. You should, however, note that these prices may differ with the enterprises that may require additional features like time tracking or desktop apps.


While acquiring online project management software, you need to be keen on selecting the specific one that will suit your business needs appropriately. Moreover, ensure that you get to determine the additional costs that come on top of the actual cost due to training and later upgrade to ensure they fit into your budget.


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