Lead Generation Software

Written by Charlotte Reed

What is a lead generation software? As the name suggests, it is a program used to capture the information of a lead and creating a database of these contacts with the intent of converting them to customers. The data is typically collected from the websites of prospective customers. This software is especially essential for professionals in the sales and marketing field in that it enhances their capability of creating their leads and eventually making them customers. Below is some Lead Generation Software that will enable every sales professional to thrive in converting leads to valuable customers.

  • Call Page


Such is a significant way of generating leads where you get to prompt individuals visiting your page to leave their numbers behind. Usually, they are led by the offer of a costless call back in 28-second duration. Once the visitor agrees to the call page option, they are asked to select either leaving their number or getting a 28-second free call back. The call page option is generally at the bottom right of your website.

  • Fresh Chat


This is useful lead software for businesses that are interested in having real-time communication with their leads via their website. The fresh chat software is more of a chatting platform placed on the site where the sales personnel can engage in a real-time conversation with individuals visiting your website. The software also allows you to create automated answers to questions that are frequently asked by your visitors. Information from the fresh chat is added to a database where it is converted to something called fresh sales.

  • Sumo


The Sumo is intelligent lead generation software that empowers businesses involved in e-commerce to create more leads through developing email lists and also minimizing the rate of cart desertion. Moreover, with this software, you can add pop-ups and smart bars on your website, which eventually grows your lead database. Other than this, Sumo flawlessly integrates with Hubspot, Keap, Zapier, and MailChimp as well. Another exciting feature about this software is that it comes with a free plan that allows you to run a test of its functionality with limited features.


  • LeadQuizzes


With this software, you obtain leads through quizzes and surveys. On this, you have to create a platform with various quizzes fashioned to fish a particular kind of information. It also supports software integration with other various lead generation tools, which include email marketing and advertising. From the surveys, you also get to determine how to improve on framing quizzes to obtain more information on lead development.



Whether you are looking for lead generation software to create more leads, or to convert your leads into customers; you can achieve your goals through the above lead programs. These different types are fashioned to cater to varied lead development channels. All you require to do is identify the one which you can create more leads and making more revenue for your business.

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