How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Written by Charlotte Reed

 Scheduling your Instagram posts has a load of benefits. Therefore, it is a crucial factor to consider putting in mind that it is not a hard nut to crack. Scheduling is an essential aspect of running your Instagram activities as it enables you to deliver your best content to your audience. Additionally, scheduling your Instagram posts allows you to save on time you would have spent on doing daily posts. For the schedule to work, it needs to be set the correct way. For this reason, we have this guide here to steer your efforts to a win.

  • Identify the Best Time

Your Instagram posts can only be compelling if you can identify the most appropriate time when your post will reach most of your targeted audience. One of the ways you can use to come up with perfect timing is by identifying your followers as well as the target audience. You can get this information from your Instagram insights, which enable you to see when most of your followers are active. The advantage of finding the best time for your posts is that it boosts your Instagram algorithm, which in turn gives access to increased likes.


Upload Visuals from your Laptop


With the current development in technology, we all like the habit of managing our social media through our phones. However, if you want to have successful Instagram campaigns, it’s recommendable that you use a laptop or a desktop. Also, it saves time in that you don’t have to transfer the photos into your phone once you have edited them on your computer. All you have to do is upload them right into your free Instagram scheduler.

  • Practice Consistency


Cultivating consistency begins by coming up with a specific feel or look that you would want to offer to your followers. This particular feel should accompany all your scheduled Instagram posts because they need to go out there carrying the outlook of your brand. Several studies have it that most brands tend to use a similar filter in all their Instagram posts. On this, you should also ensure that the visual captions on your scheduled posts represent your brand effectively.

  • Bulk Schedule Your Posts

To avoid the hassle of having to post your scheduled posts manually now and then, you can go with the option of bulk scheduling your posts on the free Instagram schedule. This happens by first creating an Instagram queue on the weekly tab. You can get this option under the Laters Content Quick Schedule calendar. Once you do the queuing, your posts under their appropriate timings you should go ahead and drag your photos or videos on top of the calendar.

  • Create Engagement

One thing you should have in mind while scheduling your Instagram posts is that you an assurance that your followers see your posts. However, don’t forget that attempting to create engagement through filler information can be quite disastrous; always ensure that the content you post is fresh and compelling to avoid losing the interest of your followers.




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