Social Media Monitoring Software

Written by Charlotte Reed

Social media monitoring software can be an excellent tool for a business that’s out there seeking to track their competitors and discover new trends through social media. Why and how? Its functionality is all about collecting relevant information across social media networks. Besides, the software can also be used by media people or researchers to get the latest news. The software also can monitor in different languages, thus giving your business the ability to localize their advertisements.

Basically, this software is all about enhancing your social media market and empowering you to reach your audience with an excellent market strategy. Well, let’s discuss some social media monitoring software tools that will come in handy for your company.

  • TweetReach

As the name suggests, this tool enables you to know how far your tweets go. Precisely, this tool weighs the real impact of your social media engagements. Moreover, it also allows you to identify your most influential followers as well as optimizing your targets as you create your content.

  • BuzzSumo

This tool is not only great for content research but also in monitoring your pages on Facebook. On this, you can check your audience metrics and also get to determine which one of your posted content has the best performance. Moreover, this tool also provides you with crucial information like when it is the best time to posts and the most appropriate length as well. Other than that, BuzzSumo comes in handy in assisting you to come up with topnotch appealing content for your Facebook pages.

  • Boardreader

If you are involved in social media marketing, you probably know that messaging boards and forums also count. The Boardreader is an essential social media monitoring software that allows you to access conversations about your brand. In regards to this, Boardreader makes it easy to run a search on various social media platforms to pinpoint what prospects are talking about you using specific terms. Moreover, through this tool, you can engage in particular terms to see the Boardreader content up to two years back.

  • Brand24

Though simple, Brand24 is such resourceful social media marketing software that works for both small and big companies. The function of this tool is to make it possible for companies to view conversations about the brand, products, and those of their competitors as well. Once a company receives feedback on the conversations, they know how to meet their audience’s expectations and also track their competition. Furthermore, this tool allows you to create a remarkable online reputation while also enhancing social sales.

  • Zoho Social

This is yet another social media monitoring tool that helps businesses in tracking down mentions, scheduling posts, and even creating dashboards. The tool comes with several attractive features that include the repeat post, bulk scheduler, and the publishing calendar. These features help in making sure that you have all the tools you need for effective social media posts.


The social media monitoring tools market has become crowded in the current past. With the tools discussed above, you won’t have a problem choosing the most appropriate one for you.

Online Project Management Software

Written by Charlotte Reed

Are you running a business? It does not come naturally to do every piece of work that comes your way. Thankfully with the digital technology, you no longer have to sweat your fingernail doing every small task for the business. We are talking about project management software. What is that? We will get to that in a few.

Online project management software is basically a program that comes with a variety of work management solutions. The solutions offered are for both light and heavy management tasks. Do you want to get one to help steer your venture? In this article, I will do a roundup of its benefits, features, and costs of such a program.

Benefits of Online Project Management Software

  • Accurate Budgeting

With the project management software, your company can manage its budget by comparing the estimates with the actual budget. This way, you can to identify the areas you are overspending as well as get a solution.


  • Collaboration Enhancement


For any project to bear fruits, there has to be teamwork and individual initiatives. Such collaboration could be team members from within the company or other outsourced support. On this, the project management software comes in to provide a fluidal connection that leads to a flawless completion of projects.

  • Effective Project Management


Additionally, the software ensures all tasks are completed within set timelines. How is this possible? The software helps in creating specific tasks, assigning them to people, and ensuring that the completion process is tracked down using a dashboard. With such help, you can check on the performance of the various departments/teams with a button click.

Features of an ideal Online Project Management Software

  • File Allocation

The feature allows you to share files like documents and images to the members of the team.

  • Resource Allocation

You can conveniently allocate resources to various departments in your company, which include the workers and physical inventories.

  • Project Management

With this feature, the business can keep track of the progress of projects using the dashboard.

  • Task Allocation

This involves creating particular tasks for departments or individuals as well as enhancing collaborations to bring projects into successful completion.

  • Expense/Time Tracking

This keeps track of all the time and money spend on a particular project and evaluate if it fits in the allocated budget.

  • Communication Management

This aspect ensures that there is seamless communication within the team and the other external partners.


The online project management software is chargeable monthly or a per user basis. Research places cost on the entry-level in three pricing tiers dependent on the terms mentioned earlier. This price range includes; $0-$7, $7-$10 and above $10. You should, however, note that these prices may differ with the enterprises that may require additional features like time tracking or desktop apps.


While acquiring online project management software, you need to be keen on selecting the specific one that will suit your business needs appropriately. Moreover, ensure that you get to determine the additional costs that come on top of the actual cost due to training and later upgrade to ensure they fit into your budget.


Car Rental Reservation Software

Written by Charlotte Reed

If you travel often, you probably know that topnotch car rental services are part of the equation. With this kind of demand and the development in the industry, there is a need for car reservation software. Let’s begin by defining what car rental reservation software is. It is a program that allows car rental companies to manage their fleet operations flawlessly. In this post, we will take a closer look at the features that come along with the car rental reservation software.

  • Driver and Passenger Communication


Communication barrier between the driver and the passenger is a major obstacle that quite often leads to late arrivals. The car rental reservation software ensures that the driver and the passenger are in proper communication in that there are no delayed arrivals or switched car rental requests. This is made possible by the aspect that communication between the driver and the traveler begins immediately the booking is valid to arrival.


  • Car Rental Tracking


One of the significant challenges car rental companies face is the theft of vehicles. This software comes in handy in solving this problem. It does this by continually monitoring vehicles, whether inside or outside the yard. Actually, a unit that’s moving out of the yard without a recognized pick-up can be detected as well. Another additional factor is that through this, the management can regulate their drivers in terms of over speeding. How? Thanks to the software, they can tell when the usual speed limit is exceeded. On this aspect, drivers are always on their toes not to break any traffic laws.

  • Paperless Transactions


Car rental software, among many other things, gets rid of clutter from your office since it roots out manual filing and storage. This is because all your transactions, billing and invoices, are completed and stored electronically. Also, photos are taken to confirm the condition of the car before it leaves to the customer’s pick up spot.


  • Driver Supervision


With this software, the fleet drivers operate with a GPS tracker that relays information of their whereabouts always. With this, the driver is unlikely to detour while on their assignment of delivering the rented car. Besides, this feature allows the driver to locate the passenger quickly.


  • Easy Booking


The car rental reservation software makes booking quite easy and convenient for clients. Clients are not forced to visit the car rental firm to make a physical booking. They can make an online booking from the company’s website at any time of the day and from wherever they are. Other than providing a convenient way to make bookings, this software also ensures that all bookings are acted upon effectively and without delay.



While you are out there searching for car rental reservation software, you will come across several types which include; PROVAB, Rental car manager, MobileApptelligence, TSD Rental, Record 360, Smart car and Easy rent pro, among many others. From this pool, you can identify the one that suits your car rental needs.

Lead Generation Software

Written by Charlotte Reed

What is a lead generation software? As the name suggests, it is a program used to capture the information of a lead and creating a database of these contacts with the intent of converting them to customers. The data is typically collected from the websites of prospective customers. This software is especially essential for professionals in the sales and marketing field in that it enhances their capability of creating their leads and eventually making them customers. Below is some Lead Generation Software that will enable every sales professional to thrive in converting leads to valuable customers.

  • Call Page


Such is a significant way of generating leads where you get to prompt individuals visiting your page to leave their numbers behind. Usually, they are led by the offer of a costless call back in 28-second duration. Once the visitor agrees to the call page option, they are asked to select either leaving their number or getting a 28-second free call back. The call page option is generally at the bottom right of your website.

  • Fresh Chat


This is useful lead software for businesses that are interested in having real-time communication with their leads via their website. The fresh chat software is more of a chatting platform placed on the site where the sales personnel can engage in a real-time conversation with individuals visiting your website. The software also allows you to create automated answers to questions that are frequently asked by your visitors. Information from the fresh chat is added to a database where it is converted to something called fresh sales.

  • Sumo


The Sumo is intelligent lead generation software that empowers businesses involved in e-commerce to create more leads through developing email lists and also minimizing the rate of cart desertion. Moreover, with this software, you can add pop-ups and smart bars on your website, which eventually grows your lead database. Other than this, Sumo flawlessly integrates with Hubspot, Keap, Zapier, and MailChimp as well. Another exciting feature about this software is that it comes with a free plan that allows you to run a test of its functionality with limited features.


  • LeadQuizzes


With this software, you obtain leads through quizzes and surveys. On this, you have to create a platform with various quizzes fashioned to fish a particular kind of information. It also supports software integration with other various lead generation tools, which include email marketing and advertising. From the surveys, you also get to determine how to improve on framing quizzes to obtain more information on lead development.



Whether you are looking for lead generation software to create more leads, or to convert your leads into customers; you can achieve your goals through the above lead programs. These different types are fashioned to cater to varied lead development channels. All you require to do is identify the one which you can create more leads and making more revenue for your business.

How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Written by Charlotte Reed

 Scheduling your Instagram posts has a load of benefits. Therefore, it is a crucial factor to consider putting in mind that it is not a hard nut to crack. Scheduling is an essential aspect of running your Instagram activities as it enables you to deliver your best content to your audience. Additionally, scheduling your Instagram posts allows you to save on time you would have spent on doing daily posts. For the schedule to work, it needs to be set the correct way. For this reason, we have this guide here to steer your efforts to a win.

  • Identify the Best Time

Your Instagram posts can only be compelling if you can identify the most appropriate time when your post will reach most of your targeted audience. One of the ways you can use to come up with perfect timing is by identifying your followers as well as the target audience. You can get this information from your Instagram insights, which enable you to see when most of your followers are active. The advantage of finding the best time for your posts is that it boosts your Instagram algorithm, which in turn gives access to increased likes.


Upload Visuals from your Laptop


With the current development in technology, we all like the habit of managing our social media through our phones. However, if you want to have successful Instagram campaigns, it’s recommendable that you use a laptop or a desktop. Also, it saves time in that you don’t have to transfer the photos into your phone once you have edited them on your computer. All you have to do is upload them right into your free Instagram scheduler.

  • Practice Consistency


Cultivating consistency begins by coming up with a specific feel or look that you would want to offer to your followers. This particular feel should accompany all your scheduled Instagram posts because they need to go out there carrying the outlook of your brand. Several studies have it that most brands tend to use a similar filter in all their Instagram posts. On this, you should also ensure that the visual captions on your scheduled posts represent your brand effectively.

  • Bulk Schedule Your Posts

To avoid the hassle of having to post your scheduled posts manually now and then, you can go with the option of bulk scheduling your posts on the free Instagram schedule. This happens by first creating an Instagram queue on the weekly tab. You can get this option under the Laters Content Quick Schedule calendar. Once you do the queuing, your posts under their appropriate timings you should go ahead and drag your photos or videos on top of the calendar.

  • Create Engagement

One thing you should have in mind while scheduling your Instagram posts is that you an assurance that your followers see your posts. However, don’t forget that attempting to create engagement through filler information can be quite disastrous; always ensure that the content you post is fresh and compelling to avoid losing the interest of your followers.