Car Rental Reservation Software

Written by Charlotte Reed

If you travel often, you probably know that topnotch car rental services are part of the equation. With this kind of demand and the development in the industry, there is a need for car reservation software. Let’s begin by defining what car rental reservation software is. It is a program that allows car rental companies to manage their fleet operations flawlessly. In this post, we will take a closer look at the features that come along with the car rental reservation software.

  • Driver and Passenger Communication


Communication barrier between the driver and the passenger is a major obstacle that quite often leads to late arrivals. The car rental reservation software ensures that the driver and the passenger are in proper communication in that there are no delayed arrivals or switched car rental requests. This is made possible by the aspect that communication between the driver and the traveler begins immediately the booking is valid to arrival.


  • Car Rental Tracking


One of the significant challenges car rental companies face is the theft of vehicles. This software comes in handy in solving this problem. It does this by continually monitoring vehicles, whether inside or outside the yard. Actually, a unit that’s moving out of the yard without a recognized pick-up can be detected as well. Another additional factor is that through this, the management can regulate their drivers in terms of over speeding. How? Thanks to the software, they can tell when the usual speed limit is exceeded. On this aspect, drivers are always on their toes not to break any traffic laws.

  • Paperless Transactions


Car rental software, among many other things, gets rid of clutter from your office since it roots out manual filing and storage. This is because all your transactions, billing and invoices, are completed and stored electronically. Also, photos are taken to confirm the condition of the car before it leaves to the customer’s pick up spot.


  • Driver Supervision


With this software, the fleet drivers operate with a GPS tracker that relays information of their whereabouts always. With this, the driver is unlikely to detour while on their assignment of delivering the rented car. Besides, this feature allows the driver to locate the passenger quickly.


  • Easy Booking


The car rental reservation software makes booking quite easy and convenient for clients. Clients are not forced to visit the car rental firm to make a physical booking. They can make an online booking from the company’s website at any time of the day and from wherever they are. Other than providing a convenient way to make bookings, this software also ensures that all bookings are acted upon effectively and without delay.



While you are out there searching for car rental reservation software, you will come across several types which include; PROVAB, Rental car manager, MobileApptelligence, TSD Rental, Record 360, Smart car and Easy rent pro, among many others. From this pool, you can identify the one that suits your car rental needs.

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